• Image of AA002 Fireball Ministry - Où est la Rock?
  • Image of AA002 Fireball Ministry - Où est la Rock?

Fireball Ministry's Debut Album Released For The First Time On Vinyl
180g Sacramental Wine Coloured Vinyl @ 33rpm
Limited Edition Of Only 100
Matt Finish Gatefold Sleeve
Black Poly-Lined Anti Static Inner Sleeve
Exclusive Fireball Ministry Patch
All Housed In A PVC Sleeve

Please Note - Only 2 Copies Allowed Per Order

All Our Orders Are Shipped With Tracking Numbers

Product pictures by Oran Tarjan - www.orantarjan.com

I first heard this album, when I took a gamble and bought the CD purely for the cool name, back in 1999. Straight away I was very happy with my surprise musical find. From the opening duo of 'The Man' and 'Two Tears' (both featuring drums from the late Nick Menza), I was instantly hooked. The rest of the record did not disappoint
at all, with hook after hook and I just loved the vocals harmonies. When I got to see them live at the now defunct London Astoria in 2004 I became even more of a fan and started to track down a vinyl copy of the record. Unfortunately Bong Load records had not pressed it on LP. This worked in my favour many years later when I contacted Jim and Emily to discuss putting out this reissue. With the re-mastering for vinyl it has thickened up the sound and added a new depth to the songs that I think is amazing.
I am really pleased to bring this great slab of rock to vinyl and to the ears of the world as it should be heard. Bow to the mighty Fireball Ministry.

- Steve

Here’s what the band has to say:
We are unbelievably excited for this album to come out on vinyl. Malcolm Dome actually reviewed our record in Metal Hammer when it was first released and we were so pumped that he liked it!! True Metal Royalty!!
It was the beginning of our band and hard to believe it was 20 years ago. If it wasn’t for the amazing people at Ampullae Audio, this probably would have taken much more time to happen. Get ready to enjoy a record that was completely recorded analog to tape the way nature intended! Under the NEEDLE!!!