• Image of AA001 Spider Kitten - Cougar Club
  • Image of AA001 Spider Kitten - Cougar Club

4 Track Mini Album Never Before Released On Vinyl
Heavyweight 180g Beer Coloured Vinyl @ 45rpm
Limited Edition Of 250
Reverse Printed Gatefold Cover With Black Flood Inside
Black Poly-Lined Anti Static Inner Sleeve
Double Sided Card Comic Art Insert
Exclusive Spider Kitten Patch
All Housed In A PVC Sleeve

Please Note - Only 2 Copies Allowed Per Order

All Our Orders Are Shipped With Tracking Numbers

Product pictures by Tina Korhonen www.tina-k.com

When I first heard Cougar Club, I always envisioned it as a vinyl release from the offset. For whatever reason this did not happen and the record only saw the light of day on CD and cassette.
From the first conversation between myself and Chris (drums), it was obvious that we were only going to enhance the musical experience for everybody, by re-mastering this great album and getting it out to the world.
Let's not forget that this is a very heavy collection of music. I had always liked the original mix of the album, but what Gomez has created with his re-master, has elevated the thing to a higher level. It has captured a much more real and closer to 'live' feel throughout. The album flows and feels more natural than ever before.
I have tried to help the band as much as possible, to realise their original artistic vision of the artwork and packaging, which I believe has truly elevated this release into deluxe status!
I am beyond proud to be working with Spider Kitten and have this come out alongside Ulver as our first two releases. It's a relationship that will go forth, as Ampullae plans to release their new album in the near future.
I hope you enjoy this version of Cougar Club, the way it should always have sounded...

- Steve

"From the bullish automaton stomp of Twin Obscenities' ultra-doom through to the albums final, slo-mo descent into a lysergic netherworld, Cougar Club is a hulking beast of an album that's easy to get into but bloody impossible to forget"
Davis Bowes - Rock A Rolla.

"Combining elements of doom and sludge metal, stoner rock, prog and more, Spider Kitten are one of Wales' best kept secrets, their driving percussion and sublime fuzz of their guitars balances their hypnotic vocals."
Dayal Patterson - Metal Hammer.

"Spider Kitten have the weighty baggage of being ex-Taint which is a sign of quality that differentiates them from most of the UK wastemen. What you get are four tracks of thoroughly listenable blues-tinged doom that is so well done you can't help but be lured into their web."
Martin Ives - Zero Tolerance.

"On Cougar Club their ampstack-torturing attack has blossomed into a thing of diversity and intrigue beyond Sleep/Wizard worship, via sci-fi psych, gravelly blues and a slightly grunge-derived melodic sleight-of-hand."
Jim Martin - Terrorizer